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There are several ways to make smoke without putting heat into the food, but by far, the easiest solution is a commercial smoke generator. Copyright 2022 VeryMeaty | Privacy Policy. I smoked the bacon using the hot smoking method, which involves a significantly higher temperature. Cure #1 is known by a variety of names, including Prague Powder #1, Instacure, pink cure, and others. This is a key step in making cold smoked bacon dry curing/wet brining. The slices should then be frozen in portion quantities.

I was worried about his claims that cold smoking is bad. Youre not cooking the meal, unlike hot smoking. It is a preservation method that is more like dehydrating the meat than a form of cooking. I smoke bacon at 220 until it's 150 internal. no his curing recipe is good. For optimal results, remove from the metal racks and place on parchment paper to cool for about 30 minutes before eating. It is not hot smoking, which is what we typically associate with barbecue. In my smoker, I can comfortably fit four pork bellies. Brining is submerging the meat in a very salty water bath for a long time. Best Wood for Smoking Salmon Alder, Beech and More! I did each one separately to verify that the correct amount of cure was applied to each pig belly. Keep an eye on the outdoor temperature and the weather. Make sure to wash the salt off properly by soaking the bacon in cool water for at least two hours. We wouldnt have Virginia ham, Nova Scotia-style salmon (lox), hard-cooked eggs, or smoked cheeses without another sort of smoking. Its basically a bomb of deliciousness! The longer that you want smoke on the meat, the milder the wood should be. You can use stronger wood flavors, like pecan, hickory, or even mesquite. I also have an instant read thermometer, which I used to double-check that the temperature was attained throughout the pork bellies. Candied Smoked Salmon Bites You Gotta Try This Recipe! Otherwise, you will risk making the bacon bitter. I have cold smoked many batches of bacon. In the past, Ive dried the bacon to a weight loss of 25 to 30%. Some new recipes call for instant cure products that can reduce this time to a few days. So why would he be wrong here? Ive finally taken the plunge into the realm of bacon-making, and Im never going back. And since the goal of cold smoking is to remove moisture and dry the meat out, humidity only slows the process down. It always best if youre able to trace the meats origins. Because of this, proper sanitary food handling and refrigeration between smoking sessions are essential. Yes, you could buy a dedicated cold smoker, but chances are you can make something you already own work. Cold smoking takes occasional monitoring to ensure that the temperature stays in the target zone. However, because low and slow cooking, like as smoking bacon, takes longer than 4 hours, its critical to have a strategy to keep this hazardous bacteria from multiplying. Pests such as flies and mosquitoes were repelled by the smoke from the fire, according to one observer. The drying is the traditional way of both preserving it and also intensifying the flavor. Lets start with whether cold smoking is safe, and then go on to other parts of it. Prepare the pork bellies for the smoker after they have been drying in the fridge (I left them overnight). Once the brine liquid has cooled, the meat is soaked while in the refrigerator. For me, this is more like making a type of smoked ham which involves always reaching a safe internal temperature of 149F or 65C (145-160F USDA range). Cold smoking is best done when it is cooler and less humid outside. Meathead is right. It works very well with pork belly because the fat has so much time to absorb the flavor. And a lot of folks do it in the privacy of their own homes. Not only did the meat develop a wonderful smoky flavor, but it was also more portable and lasted longer. It may take numerous smoking sessions to get your meat preserved with the cold smoked method. I have dry cured most of the time but also used to wet brine (its more subtle with the spices Ive found). The salt works its way into the middle of the meat during the curing, and the water is progressively working its way out and the salt is holding water in place inside the meat to slow down water activity (Aw). Its time to slice the bacon after its been in the freezer for a few hours. With cold smoking, the cooking time really depends on how much smoke flavor you want to be locked into the food. After that, place them in freezer bags or vacuum-sealed containers and freeze them.

Refrigerate: Once the meat is thoroughly washed and patted dry, place it back in the fridge to dry out a little more. Some of these are simple maze designs that slowly burn wood pellets or wood dust. People utilize a wide variety of temperatures while hot smoking bacon, ranging from 175 degrees to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Consumers and the USDA have questioned the safety of dry fermented sausages, and Krizner (1998) provides a concise summary of the hazard analysis (USDA FSIS 1995b). In cold smoking, you need lots of fresh air with a hint of smoke moving across the food. Food that has been cold smoked has not been cooked and is essentially kept in the temperature danger zone for bacterial growth. There are affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Many experts believe that cold smoked bacon crisps up better than hot smoked bacon when fried. The skin side of the bacon should be on top. After 3 days, turn them over and redistribute the liquid every couple of days or so. Hot smoking is done in a smokehouse or in more modern electric kilns, and it is usually done for a short time, just until the meat is cooked. To finish the preservation process, meats are usually smoked, fermented, or dried. Apply the remedy rub liberally to all sides. Also, change the water in the midway of the soaking. Separate National Center for Home Food Preservation literature studies address fermentation and drying as food preservation strategies. When you consider how to go about cold smoking bacon properly, it helps to remember what cold smoking is and is not. Remember Hygiene: Proper curing is also crucial to creating a harsh environment for bacteria to grow. Depending on the smoke maker youre using, it may need to be refilled with wood chips at some point. Cold smoking is done over a smoldering fire (below 85F) for a significantly longer amount of time, such as 12-24 hours. Cold smoking is usually used for items that benefit from taking smoke over a long period. This is contrary to how most hot smoked items cook, which is more or less locked in a hot cabinet with a bunch of smoke. Wrap the meat in plastic and let it sit for at least a day or two. That way, the wood dust or chips are heated up in one chamber to make the smoke, and that smoke is then ducted into the food chamber. Cold Smoking Bacon: Temperature, Humidity, and Airflow, Best Portable Smokers for Camping and Tailgating Reviewed. Traditional cold-smoked preserved bacon takes many days of smoking to get to the proper weight. Resting Brisket in a Cooler Why and How? This is ideal for creating bacon and is a necessary component of the procedure. As mentioned above this would help keep the temperature lower. If you have a look at the cold-smoked goods across Europe, these types of cold smoked meats are pretty standard. The less it has traveled and the less aged it is, the better. Sorry to hear that your bacon turned out too salty. my understanding was that the curing process basically kills everything. However, not all cold-smoked items are treated this manner, such as smoked salmon and cold smoked mackerel, which are gently smoked for a long time and are consumed raw. So any reputable sources/books would be great. The general guidelines for dry curing meat like this, thats not going to be cooked, is a weight loss of at least 30%. The winter is an excellent time to learn how to cold-smoke. If you look at the cold-smoked foods available across Europe, youll see that these forms of cold-smoked meats are rather common. All this information is based on my knowledge and only my opinion. You can find out how many there are by doing a fast online search. After an appropriate cure length, the salt is washed off and discarded. Although the left side was a little thicker, I was satisfied with the form and thickness of the belly. The amount varies based on the pork bellys weight. Applewood bacon is all the rage, but cherry or peach are good choices too. These are things I cover in detail through on online charcuterie course. It may seem complicated, but it doesnt take much effort once you have a system down. I put the slices in a bag and just pull a handful out straight into the frypan when I need it. If the area is small the temperature can increase due to the combustion and heat from the pellet tube and thats not ideal. Bacon should be sliced to the proper thickness. There is a risk zone of 40F to 140F when cooking pork, and if it takes longer than 4 hours, hazardous bacteria can proliferate and multiply. For cold smoking bacon it is advisable to be under 68F or 20C for reduced chances of unwanted bacteria. Over a burning fire or electric elements of a kiln, the meat is cooked and smoked at the same time. If you want to know the difference between cold smoking and hot smoking you will find that there. Cooking pork chops, ribs, and other meats is never a problem because they heat up rapidly. I followed the instruction to the best but my bacon was too salty to eat. Temperature: Cold smoking is always done below 86 degrees Fahrenheit or 30 degrees Celcius. As a result, cold-smoking should be limited to fermented, salted, or cured meat products. Ive noticed that cold-smoked foods are more prevalent in colder climates. How Long Can You Marinate Pork Tenderloin? Set the bowl away until youre ready to use it. The goal is weight loss you want your bacon slab to lose 20 to 30 percent of its original weight. Seal the bag after removing as much air as possible. Ive tried about five different ways to cold smoke bacon, and theyre all pretty similar if you follow the steps above. Because of local temperatures, some people simply find it more convenient to smoke one way rather than the other. Even while store-bought bacon is delicious, it pales in comparison to the goodness of homemade bacon. A cold-smoked slice of bacon will have a stronger smoke flavor than a hot smoked one. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Your grill thermometer, or even smoker thermometer, might not read correctly at the low temperatures required for cold smoking. When the pork bellies reach an internal temperature of 150-155F, its time to take them out of the smoker. You can go with the minimum time, which is about 8 hours of cold smoking after the meat has been cured. (For homemade traditional styles). 2 to 4 hours of cold smoking bacon, stronger smoke flavor up to 25-30 hours can be applied of cold smoke. So as long as you dont go into "the danger zone" its okay right? And its not backyard grilling on a warm Sunday afternoon. Each day, flip them over to ensure that the cure coats both sides and the belly is properly treated. As mentioned earlier, you can smoke the bacon starting from 8 hours up to several long smoking sessions depending on the size of the meat you are smoking and how much smokiness you want it to have. When working with very perishable commodities, such as cold-smoked meats, curing is especially critical. How to Use Wood Chips on a Charcoal Grill. I prefer them to be around 4 pounds. In a big container, combine the two portions. I slice the bacon uniformly with a deli slicer and freeze the slices on baking tray sheets. Cold smoking imparts a characteristic smokey flavor to food while using very little heat. To make working with and storing the belly easier, cut it in half. My goal is to cook tasty barbecue food, enjoy it with family & friends, and help others do the same! Its simpler to slide the meat into the bag while its still on butcher paper or parchment paper because it prevents the meat from sticking to the bag. The exact temperature isnt that important, and you can successfully do it at any temperature between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The bacon is now ready! Make an effort to cover the entire meat side and use all of the mixture you weighed out based on the weight of each pork belly. Everything is acceptable and the pork is safe if it reaches 150F in less than 4 hours.

Now that you have the meat prepared and the smoking environment all set up its time to start smoking! This decreases the warmth and helps removing the abdominal skin/rind easier. If you curing your pork at regular kitchen fridge temperature and then cold smoking at a reasonably low temperature, like 40-59F or 5-15C you are covering many of the risk issues. A description of a commercial cold smoking process has been published by the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA 2001c). Its entirely up to you how you want your bacon to be smoked.

I always loved helping them and later took over the role of the grill master in my family. If youre new to meat curing and you want a beginners guide, check that out here.

The goal is to make delectable smoked delights out of fresh meats, fish, seafood, and even eggs and cheese. Some men would rather not discuss cold smoking and simply describe it as terrible (not names being mentioned). There are two methods for doing this: hot smoking and cold smoking. Lets start off with whether cold smoking is safe; then continue with other aspects of it, feel free to hang around (like my bacon does). Unless you know exactly what you are doing, the curing/cold smoking process can be dangerous. In the case of smoked mozzarella, the smoking time might be as short as a few minutes, or as long as several days (or even weeks or months) in the case of hams. Having been lucky enough to learn inside fine dining kitchens through to backyard smoking sessions. But if youre using a smoke generator, its only the cold smoke that you are pumping into the chamber since you are normally mounting the smoke generator on the outside. A probe-style instant-read thermometer will help you keep the smoking area at the right temperature level. Combine the spices and apply liberally on all sides of the belly. Cold Smoke carries flavor, antifungal, and antibacterial properties, it protects the meat during the drying process of cold smoking. This book does a superb job at explaining charcuteries science and procedures. When youre ready to smoke the bellies, season them with ground black pepper, maple syrup, molasses, or any other spices you choose to explore. Then also operating at the 40-59F or 5-15C during cold smoking. If you know what you are doing though, it can also be very safe. Waiting is difficult if youre like me, and the number of cooled pieces is smaller than the number of pieces that actually came out of the smoker;-). The classic choices for the task are mellow fruitwoods. Wood Choice: Because cold smoking takes a long time with a lot of smoke exposures, you should select wood with mellow and mild flavors. Wash and Dry the Meat: After curing, you wash the meat completely to remove the salt. Since it is liquid, it has better penetration of the meat. Allow the bacon to rest for about an hour.

Im guessing they havent done enough research or reading on the subject. Cold smoking will require the backyard chef to get a little creative with their equipment. I hope this post cleared up some mystery around cold smoking and whether or not that is safe. If it continues to resist, slice it away with the knife. Ill try to be as useful as possible for someone who doesnt know that much about cold smoking and wants to read about it, but dont consider this advice you have to make your own decisions. You can continue smoking the meat each day, resting it in the fridge between sessions. Ill try to be as helpful as possible for someone who is unfamiliar with cold smoking and wants to learn more about it, but dont take this as advice; you must make your own judgments. Keep it in the fridge at least overnight or for up to a week. Set the slicer to the thickness you want and run it through it. This will allow the smoke flavors to permeate the bacon. If you really want a strong flavor wood, create a mix of 80 percent fruitwood and 20 percent strong-flavored wood. Im not a technical-scientific type, but these processes reduce or minimize, if cured effectively, the number of unwanted bacteria on and in meat. Cold smoked meats have safely been consumed by humanity for thousands of years. Its hard to say what went wrong without having more information, but I would guess you didnt wash it well enough. Smoke the bacon for about 5 hours at 170F, or until it reaches an internal temperature of 145F. But this is where cold smoking just begins. Food is both preserved and flavorful when it is smoked. Pull up on the skin to separate it from the rest of the pork belly. To ensure that the mixture is thoroughly combined, use a fork. This keeps the heat away from the food. A digital thermometer with a probe attached to a cable is the best option. Fruit woods, such as apple and cherry, are my favorites. Device: Because of the low heat and the long cooking times required in cold smoking, regular backyard barbecue equipment is out of the question. Once its all set up, smoking is all about airflow. The best choices are light fruitwoods like apple or cherry. Fresh or Frozen: You can use frozen meat, as long as it is high quality and of known origins. So I made some home made bacon a few weeks ago , cured it and threw it on my rectec pellet grill at 225 like meathead said. If you decide to buy through a link on this page, we may earn an affiliate commission. Pork bellies come in a wide variety of weights, and Ive bought them weighing as little as 3.5 pounds and as much as 8 pounds. Blows any other bacon I've had away, by a long shot. Colder climate areas tend to have more cold-smoked goods Ive found. Unwanted bacteria multiply quickly at temperatures below and above the technical temperature of 86F or 30C, but using the right amount of salt and certain spices minimizes bacteria. If you want to see how my process for making bacon works, you can check that out here. As you can see, I prepared four pork bellies with the cure mixture and packaged them all together. The bellies are ready to be rinsed after 4 days of curing in the refrigerator. Ive tried about five different techniques to cold smoke bacon and they are all similar when safely done following the above process. To summarize, cold-smoked bacon involves effectively curing the meat, followed by drying out the meat and at the same time applying cold smoke (cold smoking meat is often just drying it with cold smoke vapor around it). In retrospect I wonder if it's too much Prague? Thanks for dropping by, Ive been passionate about meat curing for around 20 years now. To be honest, I think in some countries litigation is an issue especially giving advice around certain topics. However, on cured meat, this temperature wouldnt start to promote a lot of bacterial growth. Refrigerate for several hours before slicing to make the cutting process easier. Heres a pork belly that weighs around 4 pounds. But with some effort you might be able to use your smokers cabinet or a grill together with a cold smoke generator for excellent results. Remember, you arent cooking the food so much as dehydrating it in a smokey environment. The air should continuously be flowing around the food. > Cold smoking permits smoke to penetrate food more quickly. Also, if it is - is there any danger aside from off taste? Remove from refrigerator after 7 days, rinse thoroughly, and pat dry. So i pretty much wasted a week and 20 bucks. If you want to use a more robust flavor, like mesquite or hickory, youll need to mix it with lighter woods. Also, look to see whether there is a membrane layer. If you cook it in a skillet, youll be blown away by how delicious it smells. Bacon is one of my favorite foods, and nothing beats the aroma of bacon frying in a skillet. A brief description of each method is provided below. The salt is rubbed into the surface of the meat, and it draws out moisture. Keeping meat at a safe temperature is the key before cold smoking. This is vital information! Its essential to carefully remove this to allow the cure and smoke to penetrate the flesh more effectively. The temperature probe should be placed in the upper region of one of the middle pig bellies, as these are the last to reach the target internal temperature. All the best, Tom. Perhaps this is why it is less common in the American South, where hot smoking is king. As long as your salt curing process is well defined, you should be on the right track. Its preferable to put it in the freezer for 1-2 hours before slicing it up using a meat slicer. The temperature is higher because this is a hot smoke for the bellies. Many people cold smoke at even lower temperatures. To obtain a grasp on the skin, cut around it with a knife. Ive got a whole lot of other resources on this website that are related to this. They are, if you follow the right procedure with the right equipment and use decent meat! Scale It: Once you have your slab of pork belly, be sure to weigh it on an accurate kitchen scale. Cold-smoking is a technique that employs smoke to flavor food without actually cooking it. Cold smoking was used as a type of preservation for centuries before refrigeration was invented. In contrast, hot smoked meals are done the same day, cooked until they reach the desired internal temperature, and then eaten right away. The easiest way is to invest in a cold smoke generator. Cold smoked bacon is smoked at a lower temperature, under 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The type of wood you use will depend on the smoke generator youre using and how long you plan on smoking your bacon. Anything above that temperature will cause your bacon to cook, which isnt the goal at all. The meats total weight should be reduced by 20 to 30 percent during the curing and smoking process. The recommended weight loss objective is to drop 2030% of the initial weight. Remove them from the bags and give them a thorough rinse in cold water for a few minutes apiece. They are typically available for pellet grills and cabinet-style electric and propane gas smokers. my grill doesnt go lower than 180 , so should i get one of those tubes? I don't see what the danger is. I do the same and it's better and smokier than anything I've ever bought. Whatever the reason, the low temperatures needed for cold smoking are difficult to maintain if its already hot outside. Commerical supermarket bacon often have acidity added which is another method of preventing unwanted bacteria and making it safer faster (quality goes down, production turnaround is faster). Now its time to have some fun!! Cured meats are different because salt inhibits the meat and performs two main roles of water binding and diffusion. If your smoker is making heat and the daytime temperature is over 75 degrees, it can quickly heat the inside of your smokehouse to over 86 degrees. However, if youre still reading, its evident that youre still interested in cold smoking. As it dries uncovered, it will form a pellicle. Just think about the bacon in supermarkets, most are cold smoked actually. The pork needs to be properly cured before moving to the cold smoking stage. Take it out of the smoker after an hour and flip the bacon slices over to the other side. Place them in the freezer wrapped in plastic wrap. The curing and smoking processs purpose is to dehydrate the meat, so your goal is to remove excess water and dry it out. Alternatively, smoke them for 2 1/2-3 hours at 200-225F. Cold smoking bacon is a significantly more time-consuming procedure that closely resembles store-bought bacon. This type of sausage has received special attention since it has been linked to multiple food poisoning outbreaks that were previously thought to be low-risk. Its ideal to arrange the bacon slices in a staggered pattern. I think he probably isn't an expert on the process, so he doesn't want feel responsible for other people making a mistake that can cause harm to other people. You might be able to use your smokers cabinet or the grate on your grill to hold the food, but youll need to find a cold source of the smoke. When cold smoking sausages and seafood, the risk of botulism or listeria is very significant. The cold smoking procedure does not kill any parasites that may have been present in the meat. Temperatures, airflow, and humidity are all critical. Cold smoking bacon is an old-world cooking technique that will connect you to the food you eat. You want the smoke to disperse naturally and be drawn around the food. You leave it exposed (in a cool place) to allow the protein on the surfaces to link together. When incorporated into the meat or coated on the meat, sodium nitrate inhibits the growth of microorganisms. With or Without Skin: The pork belly can be smoked either with the skin or without. Because of the inherent hazards, most food scientists cannot endorse cold-smoking procedures; as a result, at-risk customers are advised to avoid these foods (US FDA 2001a). Next, lets take a closer look into the equipment and supplies needed for cold smoking bacon. Liquid smoke provides several advantages over traditional smoking, including the ability to control the amount of smoke produced and the instantaneous flavor of the smoke. Read also: Best Portable Smokers for Camping and Tailgating Reviewed. Here is what I recommend for next time to remove extra salt before smoking the bacon: soak the bacon in cool water for two hours and change the water at least once. Most cold smoke cabinets have a two-chamber design. But it was nowhere near "smokey" that I expected. I did this because so far meatheads website has been really good. If you have to, do your smoking at night. To avoid any risk, its good idea to check the temperature during cold smoking. Resting every 8 hours is advisable to permeate the smoke flavor. Wrap each part in plastic wrap before placing it in a freezer bag. So theres a lot to watch out for. In contrast, once when all my smoking equipment was in storage I used some smoking wood and a chunk of charcoal to cold smoke some bacon! In addition, the time it takes for the bacon to smoke varies based on its weight, with a bigger pork belly requiring more time in the smoker. On the outside of the meat, the pellicle is a tacky, sticky texture. This is where the smoke generator can be a lot better than a pellet tube smoker. This helps them stiffen up, making slicing much easier. Its advised that you let it smoke for at least 6 hours in any case.

Others have airflow control devices, like the popular Smokai smoke generator. When you use a pellet tube smoker often, its in the same chamber or area youre cold smoking. What led to the development of cold-smoking? So I picked up another pork belly and decided to double check other places on bacon and its almost unanimous that you are supposed to smoke this at much lower temperatures.

And once youve mastered bacon, youll find all sorts of foods that will be super delicious when cold smoked. In general, there are three different ways to smoke foods: hot smoking, cold smoking, and a combination of the two. Refrigerate each piece in a large ziplock bag; you may want to place these inside another plastic bag or container to avoid leaks because the curing will produce a lot of liquid over time. Grill Smoke Love is supported by readers. Well I did the bacon , it tasted "good". If you smoke the skin, it can be removed and saved in the freezer to flavor stews and soups. But the bacon will be exposed to these flavors for much longer than it would be in hot smoking, and the meat can easily get bitter. This is used to make and cure ham, kielbasa, and other sausages. I eat the stuff raw anyway and never get sick. Cured meats can be eaten raw or processed further to create a finished product. If quality meat is utilized, it is handled hygienically using food-safe standards, cured properly, and cold smoked around 68F / 20C, it is safe to eat. The bacon i made at 225 wasnt that good. You can choose either a dry salt cure or a liquid brine. I also offer an online whole muscle charcuterie meat curing course, it covers how to dry cure but also includes a guide and e-book on cold smoking, not just meat but also many other types of food. I guess they havent studied it or read enough on it either.

When buying pork belly, look for one that is uniform in thickness and shape. Today, we are only familiar with a few foods that are commonly sold cold smoked. When the pork bellies are introduced to the smoker, the temperature may dip at first, but it should rapidly rebound. They have a shorter smoking time, and the smaller size fits much better in my meat slicer! Maple, hickory, oak, and pecan are other excellent alternatives. You want a farm-to-table sort of situation. Taste: Both cold and hot smoking results in amazing smokey flavors. Fully dry-cured cold smoked bacon 25-30% weight loss. This is fantastic since it allows you to keep an eye on the temperature of the meat without having to open the door.